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Photo Gallery:
Annual Brooklyn Disability Awareness Day.
July 17, 2007, Brooklyn Borough Hall





American Brotherhood for the Russian Disabled (ABRUD) is a non-profit organization established on a free-will basis in compliance with all laws of the USA. The primary purpose of ABRUD is to defend the social interests of the disabled as well as to integrate and immerse themselves in the American society.

       The brotherhood is built on the territory basis. It has been organized by the borough, city, state and so forth. Additionally, it is organized on the free election basis as well as protection under the freedoms of speech and assembly. All of the above is highlighted in the full ABRUD manual.


              OUR GOALS 

        To establish and bring alive the variety of government funded programs to assist underprivileged and disabled people in everyday social functions

        Assist in the reinstatement and further maintenance of social, physical, intellectual, and psychological, status due to the loss of the above for various reasons

        Assist in development of sport and creativity related activities for the disabled.

        Enhancing the availability of emergency materials including food, money, and shelter.

        Providing those in need of pertinent everyday living information

        Maintenance of a social network among the disabled